Howdy there!

My name is Lyra Tradgard, and you’re probably curious as to why you’ve stumbled upon this fickle of a flower. Well, you see, I am a woman fully aware of her passions, and I seek to explore the depths of humanity.

In this small part of my web, I explore the depth of myself, my passions, and how I explore these while evading the realist of my own self. With Lyra, there is no end to my passionate exuberance due to the will of my wanting for fervor.

She is the warmth known stroking those fireplace of hearts. I cross into the depthless roads of endeavor for passion. My passion to yield for precious moments is a simile to the love I have for the world…

Buuuuttt first!

A voice said, look me in the stars,

and tell me truly, Men of Earth,

if all the soul-and-body scars

were not too much to by for birth.


For your safety, as well as my own, your screening process is the contact form. This has the various ways of showing your seriousness as well as securely informing me of your respect.



Who Is Lyra Tradgard?