Howdy there,

Welcome to the place of my own words, thoughts, and erotica.

What am I?

I like to think of myself as a pocket full of sunshine, confidante, passionate encounter, chance encounter, or lover. Living my own war, learning to be passionate in my own way of life has lead to some of the most radical, truth reckoning, and emotional experiences. With a logical heart, I lead a passionate life, here in my own world.

Oftentimes, my thoughts wonder to how my work here has an affect on the world around me, and my experience of the world has taught me the primal living within us will always be alive, whether if she lives in our body, our thoughts, or attitude. While I speak of primal, I also speak of the need for human connection – that in itself is a primal action. Human connection is a connection to the world, and sometimes people just want to feel connected with another like. We’re kinda wired that way.

Here, I am the true human I wish to be.For me, this is the theory that has kept my small yearning for the world to enjoy the passions of people. Just people. I don’t have judgement on people at their outside beings, but how they view the world. I’ve concluded I’m the helping type of person for the world today. Tending to the places of my heart’s desires allows me to live my youth.

I speak of youth with the sense of just blooming with desire for the world. That is what I consider youth.