The Screen Door

The Dendritic Adorn

Well, howdy there! Thanks for taking an interest to enjoy my company! Within my world, I take my job seriously. What is my job? To provide a safe, clean environment for the world! Due to my practices of screening, or interviewing you, it is the MOST important part of how I keep myself safe, as well as you, too.

Due to the nature of this growing garden I cultivate, I believe we exchange these parts of ourselves in exchange for information. My comfort is largely dependent on being able to be who I am with you. While my person is a changed name, the person of who I am is always candid. I strive to be authentic within my human experience .

• First AND Last Name *
• Picture of you with ID/Passport*
• Social media and Work verif. br>• References

PLEASE EMAIL an introduction with all of the things above, * is required.

Why am I asking for such things?

I take security very seriously. Being able to protect everyone who wishes to enjoy the company of one comes the denoting responsibility. Within this, there comes a responsibility for us both. Mine is to allow you to be safe, enjoy, and explore in an environment you may want to have. Your duty is to allow me to feel safe, be clean, and respect what I may need for us to enjoy.

If you do not, I’m not the woman for you. Simple.

Your information is kept for a period of three months.