The Lover

Have you ever wanted a lover who in the depths of her heart truly enjoyed the passion of connection? That concept is a very broad, open concept, but the meaning to me drives my explanation into a frenzy because the word love is melted differently for each.

Feeling deeply in my soul each person loves differently, and within each lover, exploration of the unknown brings forth the most captivating feeling for me. There is a certain type of satisfaction in knowing that my existence within those next few moments are ones to grow a presence of peace of mind.

Here, the lover of time with humanity. My drive is to help humanity feel the reality of themselves upon others. Finding creative ways to innovate the world into amicable atmosphere, I just try my best with my own.

• 2 ~ 650 – Dinner ~ 800.
• 2.5 ~ 750 – Dinner ~ 900
• 3 ~ 900 – Dinner ~ 1200 (Lyra’s recommendation)
• 4 ~ 1100 – Dinner ~ 1600