The Dendritic Adorn

The word dendritic means the form a tree, and I am the roots of this metaphorical tree. Without the watering of roots, a tree cannot be born. Thus, this page is about my lovers and what you can do to become one!

I ask that you adhere to my grounds for screening. For screening, your information is stored only with me. None of your information is kept for more than a period of three months.* This is a purge of all information and, in order to keep my slate clean, resubmission will be needed.

* If you have seen me three times within those periods, screening is not required again. 

For screening:

I ask that you show me who you are, and prove to me who you are. (Id/Work ID/Passport/Legal Name)*
• A social media to showcase the typical person you are
• References +2
• Full Session Upfront

*Bolded is required to see me. I require real-world information, as my safety is much more important than your identity being stolen or you being ousted. Please understand.

If you are new person, I ask that you present to me a picture of you with your ID & social media. YOU MUST

Coming to me?

• Speeding to meet me? Well, slow down, I have all the bath routines to match your excitement! Take your time.
• Please let me know if you have any inabilities.
• Relax, enjoy, and
• COMMUNICATE – I live to communicate what we enjoy, you should too!