The Dendritic Adorn

Well, now that I have your blood running, you’re probably wondering what I do to secure my safety, your safety, and overall health. Within what I’ve learned in my free time, my safety is what allows me to relax into another being. Here are the things I need in order to feel at complete ease for our date with the flower!

Within the FOSTA ordeal, I have had the frights to really continue on being a sunshine. I suspect you might be a little frightened as well, so I have decided to keep social media as a ways to:

1. Allow you to see I am a real person
2. Sense of who someone you might enjoy
3. Sharing my story may help others.

Those little things are located in their own little logos up top. There, you’ll be linked to the personal part of Lyra, where I shares my adventures!

• One Form of Identification: Passport/ID
• A Picture to confirm your identity
• Social media \ Work verif.

Why am I asking for such things?

Due to the nature of this growing garden I cultivate, I have to allow myself the security of knowing who you are. Working in this large world, we exchange these parts of ourselves in exchange for information. My comfort is largely dependent on being able to be who I am with you. While my person is a changed name, the person of who I am is always candid.

Just pick the date you’d enjoy!

The personal records shared with me are kept for a validation of three months before wiping out.