Welcome to my musings!
Explanation of musings can help the local eye to find out their ideal flower to adore. Here, you’ll find the different ideas I’ve come up for us! Due to the lively nature of things today, longer outings seem to bring the brightness in both of us… For me, when I am relaxing or being excited makes for a superb time!

The Lover
45mins ~ 350 / 1 hr ~ 400 / 1.5hr ~ 500 / 2hr ~ 700 / 3hr ~ 950
Want to extend your date? 300 each additional hour or overnight: 2500
The lover comes in a different way. She is fleeting, and her touch will come to you. A lover here is one that you may treat gently because she wishes to show you her loving touch. When you pick this lover, you seek to be sedated in touch and the affection of each others body.

Eating Out
1.5hr ~ 550 / 2.5hr ~ 700 / 3hr ~ 900
Who doesn’t love chowing down before the get down? Or the get down to chow down later? There are oodles of different places to chow down in LA, so why not explore a place to eat with me and then eat me?
List of Choices Coming Soon

The Social
Looking for social dates, cuddle sessions, and texting sessions? Each day, or by weekly, keep a girlfriend on hand when you need someone who isn’t in your social circle?
Cuddle: 90/hr (Cop a feel or two;)
Texting: 45/per day 200/per week
Outing: 150 for dinner, other events contact me privately!

I do not tour nor do I wish to. Want to sponsor me privately to you? Please inquire!
You can always email me at: