At this moment, I would prefer to invest in myself & the safe being of my later self. Thus, I ask that cash is preferred over lavish items. Right now, I am establishing a safe meaning for me before deciding to enjoy swanky  things.


Persevering, yet pattering to adorn?


Like all women(or at least, most), I enjoy being pampered with variety of gifts. However, if you enjoy giving experiences (museum/cruise/neat hotel/surprise me?!?)  sponsoring these things are always preferred & will always rank higher than the things below.

Live Experiences > Materials


Please email me (if you prefer):


     While I tend to be of relaxed nature, I do care deeply for the environment. I try my best to attain objects that are not only of quality, I search for things that allow me to thrive comfortably, but also  impact the world in a way of my own – consciously to benefit the world.


A few brands that I personally purchased/have purchased from:


• Amour Vert
• The Reformation
• Kordal
• Kate Spade
• Fleur Du Mal (Lingerie) 
• Edge o’ Beyond (Lingerie)
• Azura Bay (Lingerie)

     Like all people, I have the wants and needs of everyone in the world. At this time, I am in need of gifts that are in tune for caring for myself. Due to the new blooms of being on my own, I am slowly working a way into showing care for my body as well as my soulful self.


Sensitive skin, redness, exfoliation, and hydration.
Look for those things

• Jurlique 
Ulta / Sephora 


     Therefore, I ask that if you desire a gift that is personalized, I would enjoy something along the lines of flowers & chocolate (Y E S!!! I ADORE THESE THINGS!!!), maybe a bubble bath mixture (I love bubble baths), or art supplies! (non-toxic body paint, for example!) Jump start my creativity, and I assure you, you’ll be of froth.


Amazon Wishlist 


As always, Uber / Lyft gift cards are wonderful / appreciated.
I do not drive due to severe driving anxiety, so until I am able to conquer such a task, which is being worked on, and hopefully by next year. I’ll be on the road ‘a roaming! I do use public / rideshare services.

Uber / Lyft


PS: Hotel gift cards are always neat. I love small photoshoots of exploring new places. :p HotelTonight is a neat thing, so *COUGH*