Floral Arrangement

Howdy there my wayfaring lover!

Now, you’re wondering how the heck am I supposed to offer this?! Well, it’s something I do for me & my creative enjoyment. You gotta let a person live juuust a bit more than the usual, but only sometimes!





• 3 hours ~ 900 •

Within the Dandelion, I hope to explore the depth of who you are as a person. With my favorite number of hours, the plethora of time exploration, I urge you to explore me.

• If I am to be your travel buddy, 1,300 & Misc costs must be accommodated for me. A 35% deposit is needed in order to secure my airfare as well as my lunches. •




Floral Prints Galore

• 550 ~ 2 Hours •

My, a Sunflower is always follows the way of the sun because the source of her is the sun. Here, I dip into the depths of who you are, explore the playground we call bodies, and engage in the play of youth.


• 900 for my traveling to you for this & Misc other costs for your city. •




• 450 ~ 1.5 Hours •

Within the freshness of lavender, she seeks to enjoy a fresh perspective. With shivers of thrilling depth, I take a walk enjoy who you are. The lover of who you are.




• 350 ~ 1 Hour •

Do you ever wander what your cosmos is within another person when spending a small amount of time together? Lustful hours seem to invite the havoc that steams my passionate love affair with the world.



The Sunshine

 ~ Splendid exploration of two people! ~ 12 hours

The time of two people kept together is something I deem priceless. After we have explored each other a few times, please inquire of overnights.

• Overnight travel is on a basis of my own… Contact me privately for your inquiry. •



Due to being full of youth, and a being bit unlucky, I do not travel on tour regularly. In the foreseeable future, when my career traverses, I will be opening up to travel for tours – possibly.

If you are of “budget”, do not contact me.
I have finical (slang) servicing towards any one of these services: Military, Disability, and Service-Workers (IE: Firemen, Vets, and Officers) will receive timekeeping within better terms.

Discretion is ADVISED for both.
I ask you of this.

Be well.