Floral Arrangement

Howdy there, wayfaring lover! It’s lovely to know your interest is drawn to deep pace, as mine is. A lover of great conversation, saturating each other’s company, and eating actual superb food I find myself drawn to having long love affairs, when I have down time from a career in the arts. Not too much of a fan of crowded events, more of a stroll there, walk upon a beach with blushes full of mouthfuls with words just meant for the two of us, a game of cards, or a puzzle with drink of choice. Grasping hands when we have the ability, to feel each other when our moments come together!

Floral arrangements are passions that may precede into blooming of a romantic relationship. Sometimes, there becomes a time in life where we decide that we need a partner. We need a person with not a thought of judging us for our thoughts, our worries, or how we want to act in our down time.

Oftentimes, romantic trysts are ones to have clear communication, a personal knowledge of what they need in life for themselves (or trying to see an outlook from a different perspective), and ones where the freedom to live lives separately, yet cultivate a personal bond that is sown on the fundamentals of enjoying each others company when we have time.

Have you ever tried to grown a plant while rushing it?
You can’t right?

Think of my floral arrangement as that. In every relationship I have, my goal is to allow my partner to flourish in happiness because they deserve the pampering of adoration. Adoration of a person’s soul, body, and overall health can improve the quality of life, and freshen life into a different perspective. Learning one thing in my small years is the fact we as humans are proven to need the connection of humans around us. A lot of the connections we have in the world are things that we need in order to function in society. I’ve found that I need the connection of being adored, nurtured, and the exploration of perspective.

While a little bit of a mumble, the reason I offer a romantic connection is because the nurturing of my romantic soul is what keeps the humanities in me to want to help others.

Within that, I cannot cultivate a large greenhouse of romance, so I keep to a binding of a few flowers here. The words here out in the open mean I am seeking out connections meant to be lasting for a period of time where we get to know each other, we learn the people behind our realities we have, we learn how to explore.

What does all that mean?
In short terms, a romantic relationship will develop when this is met. Being able to follow the heartbreak that is captured with the bounds of being a muse is not a loss to me. I embrace the ache when we are met with the end of our relationship. I do hope harvest a friendship relationship from out growth because humans just sometimes do not grow together.

One Month ~ 2300
• Let’s go on a couple of dates! 5 Dates (3hr)
• Passionate affairs are lead by lovers of adventure, so maybe spend a night with me?
• Do you prefer kisses or cuddles? How about both?

*Develop a relationship and foster the care in having a passionate lover at your hands*

2 Weeks ~ 1500
• Can you squeeze me into your life for a possible three dates?
• Want to get to know me, feel the passion I cultivate, yet don’t want to jump right in?
• Dip your toes into a thoughtful, yet quick lover whom won’t attach after?

*Think of me as your new girlfriend for the next two weeks!*

3 Months ~ 7000
• Why would I need to count our dates? You’ve allowed me to feel at ease, so when do you need your pocket full of sunshine? (Understanding of my needs)
• How often do I stay in love for an entire season? (Not often)
• A wiggling of desire weeps before me.

*Your laughter will always be imprinted in my heart. *

*Your laughter will always be imprinted in my heart. *

While intended for the lovers in my current city,