Délice Floral

The moon has set, and the pleiades;
it is midnight, the time is going by,
and I sleep alone.


i love delicacy, and, for me, love has
the sun’s splendor and beauty.

— Excerpts From Sappo

Human Connection    

What are you supposed to do when all of the passion you cultivate within yourself is constantly on your mind? Well, imagine this, a young woman who is lost in her romance, yet does not desire the conventional needs of the average person?

That’s me!

With the ability to passionately tell myself to individuals, I think this comes from the want to heal. There is a great zeal I have with the ability to connect with the various lives that are lived. Everyone has a want in their life, whether that be from the want of existing with another, or the want of love(a pure, unbiased love). I use the word love because I love being able to make people feel better. I think that’s neat.

Not only do I find my own pleasure in it, it allows my soul to prosper – knowing that I existed in someone’s moment for them is enough for me, and sometimes all I need. Being one love freely, my view of the world may be seen as naive, yet the horrors of the world, I have witnessed my own. The world does not live for you, you have to live for the world you want. With the world moving along, hoping to create a presence so when others encounter me, it leaves them feeling refreshed to take on the world. How things leave me.

For me, I take no note in what one looks like, but how they view the world around them. I allow nature to guide me on my journey, and flow along with the world. Being wound up is something I naturally hold just due to life, so seeking out a relaxation form whilst I have fun is my ideal.

What captures my true passion? Photography . That baby right there is something I really, really love with all my heart. Being a quiet person, owning my own business, I try to find outlets that allow me to create things while I’m away from my camera. With a small education in theatre, I blame that for the love of the arts I have in my soul, in all reality.

Keeping myself within society, I say active in the gym, running more often than attending a yoga class, yet I’m getting the hang of yoga! (Finally!) Playing some games (scrabble, Pokemon, and Don’t Starve) to name a few, swimming, reading (really into older classics again, *hint, hint*) I get around on a peddle scooter until I have saved up for my vespa, as I have the rule of not driving a car until I have conquered my anxiety.

I battle two monsters whilst I live my life: PTSD & OCD.

Due to these monsters, I sometimes struggle with interacting and come off as open, or opening up to things that I need help with. Slowly, as I wade through these waters, I write occasionally.

A romantic heart, I want to explore the hidden nooks of your city. Maybe, spy a streak of hidden in blonde hair whilst you’re out?

Quick Facts
• Blonde
• 5’2″
• Petite, Thin, Natural, Trimmed / Hair
• Foot Fetish (a real one)
•Flexible (Yoga, running)
• Piercings: Nipples, septum, ears, more to come

She is one that loves the world for her passions, her enjoyment of the world. With her explorative soul, the primitive instinct of who she is takes ahold of her passions to create enjoyment to both, or whomever decides to ravish her.

Be well & do well. 🌻