Délice Floral

The moon has set, and the pleiades;

it is midnight, the time is going by,

and I sleep alone.

i love delicacy, and, for me, love has

the sun’s splendor and beauty.

— Excerpts From Sappo

Emotional Partnership 

Partnership within a garden is essential for the growth of a flower, and I tend to be of that nature. By virtue, and learning virtuosity, I seek to sedate my own desires that I ought to have blossoming through youth. Because I didn’t have my own youth, I seek to explore the youth I keep within me.

 Within those facets of youth, I yearn to explore the depths of so many humans around me. Budding within my exploration, my means to form fervid connections is severed severely due to the assiduous career that I am bounding for. Photographer for the arts, I join with you the looking for passion we all ought to have.

I talk about connection due to the fact I need some sort of connection to enjoy our time together. Without a partnership of want (nor do I wish at this time), here, I am looking for the intimacy to share between two partners I lack. The way I view things are eclectic. truly. Simply for the fact I wander the world myself, and will always continue to do so. With an ability of lacking the want of a partnership at my heart home, I seek partnerships where I am the pocket full of sunshine to be kept. Meaning, if my sensual drive is pertained, my world is complete. Emotional connection is key for my involvement because I have a need – like we all do – to connect and feel content. Within my contentless, I want another to be sedated with me, just for our time before whisking off back into our own worlds. 

A romantic heart, I want to explore the hidden nooks of your city.
Maybe, spy a streak of hidden in blonde hair whilst you’re out? 

When I seek people, I seek them for who they are – who they care to be. I explore love without restriction. My body, being so small, can only be described as 5’2″. I stay active, yet I enjoy my helping of a superb meal. My weight ranging from 115-120. Enjoying the world is sometimes just my goal. I currently boast a nestful of blonde hair, a streak of off-set black running the length if my hair. I am small, fervid of fire, and dead-set on my morality to explore humans. Eager to explore my shapes, my pair of a shape pairs nicely with people of  peachy intent. Legs to be enjoyed with the touch of foot-enjoyment from myself. With a small bosom, metal seeps into the flesh of both nipples adorned with golden curves.

I take pride in being kind to people of all walks. Especially within today, I want to find a friend in everyone because humanity is worth more than my outlook. Humanity is my outlook. No matter your gender, your tone, your look, you, I accept you. I hope you accept me as well. I am often a lot. 🌻 I enjoy quite a bit of activities, but, I’d say theatre, art, and tending to the world of need hold my interest. With a career in photography, I watch the world in my own perspective, explain my findings, and eagerly take in others to learn more. 

She is one that loves the world for passions, her enjoyment of the world. With her explorative soul, the primitive instinct of who she is takes ahold of her passions to create enjoyment to both, or whomever decides to ravish her.

Maybe, one day, I’ll have the urge to write of who I come from, but I don’t feel that defines who I am anymore. It helluva explains why I’m an interersting piece sometimes, yet I hope to one day allow it to be so it just is. Right now, I hope that gives you an idea of who I may be.

Be well & do well.