A Welcome Thought

Lyra is a woman on a mission. After fighting a war of my own, I wish to allow myself to grow my own garden of pleasures… A convoy to love, the freedom of exploring, and the lust in life. You will find me wandering my city, a camera pointed, and a smile ready to be shared. Grab my hand as we explore, no? There should be no fear, only anticipation of the next encounter. Take my smile, and find yours in mine.

I love the world for passions, enjoying life, and the wanderlust that comes with exploring. With an exploitative soul, the primitive instinct of who I am carves out my passions to create enjoyment and ravish life. There comes a wild side with being reserved, and here I am to allow her to be free. I am eager. Maybe hungry Knowledge takes a strive to my beliefs,having the drive for knowledge, and what comes with it! With the familiarity of the body, I enjoy staying active, and keeping my body happy and healthy! You’ll find me snacking on fruits, the snacks of nuts, or an occasional milkshake!

Whilst in my 20s, I truly yearn to explore the body, the love of life, and other people! Connecting with people has always brought me joy, so when I felt the want to explore the physical world, I knew my place as a companion was where I felt at home. With the love in my soul, why shouldn’t I be a woman to relish in the love of life? If I have the ability to show affection, adoration, and overall care for others, why not explore a world of pleasure to do the same? Y’know?


The moon has set, and the pleiades;
it is midnight, the time is going by,
and I sleep alone.


i love delicacy, and, for me, love has
the sun’s splendor and beauty.

Excerpts From Sappo

Who Is Lyra?

Be well & do well. 🌻